Back to Eden Gardening – Perfect for the narrow side of your house!

Back to Eden Gardening: You know that narrow strip on the side of your house that’s typically unused there’s just grass maybe weeds; You may have forgotten that you even have that part of your property that is actually really good spot for a garden. If you have you know if you’ve either used up bunch of space in your back yard or your front yard or maybe you just don’t wanton take some of the other areas that you’re using for other reasons like maybe your kids play there yet a patio or something like that.

You can still have a garden in that spot. So, today I want to share with you some ideas for that side of your house or any other part of your property that’s shady because usually that side of your house is shady. And maybe under agree is shady and you might be thinking I can’t grow through there.

There’s no sunlight but in fact there are lots of plants that will grow in shady areas. So, that’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m going to give you a bunch of different ideas on what you can plant in a shady area of your property. Hey, I’m Nadia and today I want to talk to you about plants that grow well in the shady. So, usually when we look at shady area of our property .We think I can’t grow anything there because there’s no sunlight but plants can grow and actually some plants really enjoy growing in shady areas.

Zero sunlight

 Now, I don’t mean zero sunlight. Very few plants can growing zero suddenly, certainly not the ones that you’re thinking of growing you know you think about like deep woods. Yes! Certainly there’s plants that grow in here but you’re not going to find like kale. I’m growing deep in the woods it does need some sunlight. So, when I say shade I mean like at least two hours of sunlight a day.

Two hours of sunlight on an area each day

Preferably three or four would be nice but if you have at least two hours of sunlight on an area each day you can grow food there. So, that’s what I want to talk about today. I want to give you some ideas on what you can grow in the shady areas of your garden. Now rather than me, just list off a bunch of plants that grow well in the shade. I want to take it a step further and I actually want to help you design a garden that would work well in the shapes. I’m actually, I’m going to go back to that original example that I talked about at the beginning which is this side of your house which is perfect spot for a garden.

My mom grows currant bushes there and they do really well but I wanton talk about some vegetables and herbs and things like that. That you can growing that shady area. So, I’m going to use the embracing harvest virtual garden planner to do this. It’s just going to make it so much easier. So, I’m going to start by just I have a four foot by 14 foot space here. So, I just picked this out of as an example. You could of course choose whatever size you want it or you can use this exact template. So, in my blog post. I’m going to have this as an example for you.

Creating a little bit of a walking path

 If you just want to run with it as is. So, I’m going to start with just creating a little bit of a walking path in the middle just so that I can get tom plants. So, I have a foot of space up here and then I have two feet of space at the bottom. Now ,I can grow a lot of food in this space. I’m going to show you exactly what you can get out of this space that will work in the shade. I’m going to start off by looking at my plant filter and I’m going to select plants that grow well in the shade.

So, shade really is defined sales than six hours of sunlight. That’s like the gardening definition of shade. So, you can break that down though there’s like partial shade, there’s partial Sun, and all this kind of stuff. I just kept assemble in here how many are there sunlight you got and then just choose the plants that will work in that amount of sunlight.

Three to six hours of sunlight you can choose that option

I figure that’s a lot easier than learning all the terms. So, if you have three to six hours of sunlight you can choose that option. If you two or three hours you can still get food so. I choose the two to three hour option. There’s some 18 plants in our database that grow well in two or three hours of sunlight a day. Now, right now we don’t have any we don’t have very many flowers. We have a few edible flowers and there we’re growing this database but right now it’s vegetables, herbs, And fruit that we have that we’re focused on right now.

But eighteen plans you can see here if I just scroll down these all are plants that will do really well in two or three hours of sunlight or at least well enough that you’ll get a decent harvest. Now some plants will do better with more Sun others like the shade but I’m just trying to keep it really simple help you design a garden today. So, I’m going to say we have let’s say three or four hours of sunlight in our garden.

 Now we have sixty three plants to choose from which is amazing and I think I’m going to focus on vegetables to start with. So, I’m gonnafilter down by vegetables and I think, I’ll start with root vegetables. So, oftentimes you’re going to see root vegetables doing well. If you look at alit of plants that grow well in the shade you’re usually going to see root vegetables on their that’s because they just don’t need as much sunlight as something like a tomato or a pepper or an eggplant. Those are fruiting vegetables and they won’t be on this list unfortunately.

Need more sunlight

 You’d need more sunlight than that you’d like litter like at least six hours some of them like seven or eight hours to really do well. So, they’re notional be on here but we can get lots of other vegetables. So, I’ll show you what we can do. So, I’m going to choose… I’m just going to pick some here. So, beets let’s put some beets in maybe carrots what else?

Celery, radish, Yum!  I just picked some radishes from my garden with my daughter and we loved it! Turnip, you know it’s really good if you haven’t tried them. If you’re not a big fan of turnips are those white turnips those tiny little. I don’t remember what they’re called if you can think of it put a comment down below because I can’t think of it off the top of my head but they’re smaller they’re kind of just like a little ball.

Even raw, very different from the turnip you might be thinking of. What else?Ooh, parsnips! Parsnips are a little bit challenging to grow but they grow welling the shade. So, I’m going to choose them and then one more. I’m going to pick up top here, peas all right perfect! Look at all those plants already have inky top. So, those are all plants that are going to grow underneath the ground. A piece are one exception they do grow over the ground and they actually can do quite well in you know a little bit of shade, not deep shade but a little bit of shade. Okay, now I want to start with some leafy greens because leafy greens are Algona do well in a little bit of shade in fact they will do.

Bunch of Spinach

So, I’m going to start with. Let’s see, spinach I think I’m going to do a bunch of spinach because it’s delicious throw on some kale, ooh! Muscling greens, I love muscling greens. I’mgonna put them on this end just so that they’re right at the entrance when I walk into my garden. Because muscling greens you just pick them like the little baby greens that you get in those boxes and then they keep growing like my favorite green to grow on my property right now. Ooh!Arugula, okay. So, that’s pretty good now I think I’m going to do some herbs. I’m gonnaswitch my I’m going to keep my filter for its sunlight and I’m going to shoot some herbs.

Parsley good personally does well. So, you don’t have to think about it right you don’t have to read a million seed packets to know what’s going to dowel. Oh! I didn’t put garlic anywhere. I’m going to do garlic, cilantro. Cilantro will definitely do better with a little bit of shade. I find that if you put it infill Sun it will bolt. So, it will go to seed really quickly. Thyme that’s a perennial! So, what I could do if I wanted to separate this out I could keep all my annuals on one side and all my perennials on the other side it makes kind of like end of year prep and sort of getting your garden ready easier but I didn’t think of that had ahead of time.

Stick with some annuals

So, let’s just stick with some annuals for now till what else have we got.Whoo! I can do some own nasturtiums. Nasturtiums are great! Nasturtiums you caveat the leaves, you can eat the flowers and you can eat the seeds. Some nasturtiums are very cool. And then let’s do some pansies, look at this garden. I mean look at how much we can fit in just that narrow strip on the side of your house. You probably don’t realize that that is unappreciated or you’re not really taking advantage of that side of the house. Also you know you think about the very front of your property sometimes. You see people with raised bed boxes and the very front that’s stripped them between the sidewalk and the streets that’s another part that. If you’re allowed to have a front yard garden is actually not a bad spot for a garden.

I think this is pretty good! Now, I’m just going to save it and I’m going to look at my list. So, I know exactly what I’m supposed to buy and we can kind of go over everything. So, in that narrow strip of my garden. I just said, I lived in Colorado because I just wanted to switch it up. I actually live in Niagara Falls. Here’s a list of all the plants that I can fit in that space. So, I had that 14 by 4 foot space, I had a 1 foot walking path in the middle. I still fit 12 beet plants, 12 carrots or celery’s, 12radishes or turnips and you can see. So, here’s my shopping list. I can break it down by.

Buy Seeds

I know exactly what I’m supposed to buy? If I want to buy plants if I want to buy seeds? I can just go by here and see what I need can also compare it against inventory of the seeds that I have. I can also go to my schedule and I can see exactly what I’m supposed to do. So, I have all of these listed as things that I should be doing in my garden. So, I hope that gave you good sense of how much you can grow in not only a narrow space but a shady area.

Right so you have that shady area on your house perfect spot for a garden if you’re looking for more place to grow and you know I also have in my front yard here. I have a big tree and underneath it. I have an herb garden. So, there are lots of shade in that area and those herbs are doing amazing! Sometimes, even better than the sunlight because if you especially if you live in a really hot area that shade can kind of give the plants a nice kind of breather.

Heat of the Sun all the time some plants don’t either.

 You think about yourself right? like you don’t want to be out in the heat of the Sun all the time some plants don’t either. So, there’s actually plenty of plants and hope that this video helped to give you some ideas of all those types of plants that will do well in anything below six hours of sunlight. So, two hours three hours, four hours, five hours, those are all considered shady areas. So, althea link to this garden over in my blog and then the garden design that I just created.about Back to Eden Gardening.

So, you can use that as is or if you want to of course create your own design you could do that using the garden planner both of those links will be below this video. And then if you have any other ideas to share with anyone else reading this Post? If you have a garden and plants do really well for you in the shade, leave a comment down below. I love to hear it, I’m sure other people would love to hear as well your experiences. So, that is it for this weekend I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in the next one.  

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