Let’s talk about BEANS (Kidney beans ) !!!

Kidney beans

Which beans do you develop? What assortments have you attempted? How well do beans develop in your geological area? Do you develop, green beans or dried beans? Does soil planning help your beans? Do you treat or water your beans? Do you spare seeds? What issues do you have developing beans? Do you freeze beans or Can them in bricklayer containers? Which beans have the flavor you like best? How would you cook your beans? 40 years back I attempted a few assortments until I discovered Blue Lake Bush Beans. Seeds develop very well in 65 to 70-degree soil about May 10 or 15, beans are a multi-day crop. First gather about July 20 is about 65% of the complete summer crop. The second reap is about 25% of the all-out summer crop. Third collect is about 10% of the complete summer crop. I leave third reap on the plants to dry so I have my own seeds. Plants do well in TN blistering dry climate it is generally 98 to 100 degrees F by July fourth.  At times I think beans develop best in the event that they get conceal from an enormous shade tree. The most smoking piece of the day yet now and then it is needed to tell this mid-year downpour halted. We had a little downpour once every month all late spring. Beans endured … Read more