plant potatoes

Ever try planting potatoes in fall? Plant potatoes

I’ve been thinking about whether it is conceivable to plant potatoes in the fall, and on the off chance that anybody has any involvement in this. My reasoning is that:

1) It’s difficult to store potatoes until the spring, without either eating them all 🙂 or having them sprout.

2) Potatoes that are abandoned in the nursery incidentally will promptly chip in the following season and produce great plants.

There’s generally so much nursery work in the spring, thus it is incredible to have the option to plant potatoes in the fall when I have additional time. I tried different things with this last year by cutting up potatoes and planting them in the fall. I certainly got potatoes, yet I didn’t give enough consideration to see if my yields were lower.

It appears as though planting cut potatoes in the fall would expand the potential for them to spoil over the winter, so this year I may attempt to plant some littler potatoes entire (in spite of the fact that I don’t have a clue whether planting littler potatoes will choose for little potato qualities/characteristics). I live in Michigan, and my first ice will come any day now. We have snow on the ground from December-April, so the dirt doesn’t freeze throughout the winter. I would ordinarily plant potatoes in May or June.

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