Onion and garlic

Garlic and Onion Experiment so far so good.

I read online data about business onion and garlic producers in Texas where it gets 110 degrees in summer. They put there onion and garlic bulbs in the cooler for at least 3 months when they, at last, choose to plant the bulbs think it is springtime regardless of whether it doesn’t springtime. Bulbs in the fridge need be 50 degrees or less yet NOT in the cooler.

I put my garlic in the fridge about the first of August. Oct seventh I chose to plant some test garlic. The Initial 3 feet in the garlic bed is garlic that was not in the cooler. The next 3 feet are garlic that had been in the fridge for 2 months. The principal reason I planted this garlic on the fifth was on the grounds that it was assumed to rain and it did. Today Oct 15 I notice the garlic that was not in the cooler didn’t develop yet.

The garlic that was in the cooler all came up it is 4″ to 5″ tall. Looks to me like the fridge did the stunt garlic too off becoming fast. This is an exceptionally fascinating disclosure. I despise everything that has around 100 garlic cloves in the cooler I am intending to plant Nov first. I will look at what each of the 3 garlic segments does when they are gathered in spring.

Onion producers do something very similar with onions keep them in the cooler soon as they are planted the bulbs believe is spring whether it is or not, bulbs take off developing pedal to the metal. This year soon as onion sets are accessible at the nursery store. I will keep 300 bulbs in the cooler until the day to be planted.

This spring I purchased 3 sacks of onion sets. 1 pack got planted soon as I returned home. Another pack was planted a multi-month later. The last sack was planted late around the multi-week of May. The sky is consistently Gray, dim, overcast, heaps of downpour, March, April, and a large portion of May. The third onions crop I planted in May when the overcast sky was gone the full sun, at last, came out onions did best. Go figure? Did the third harvest develop best since climate at last heated up during the 70s and sun can out? We had a virus spring it appeared as though summer was never going to come. Just by chance, the third onion crop was under a shade tree after lunch each day.

Texas onion and garlic cultivators guarantee difficult day and brief day bulbs have nothing to do with developing onions, it has to do with how hot it gets. At the point when temperatures get over 80 bulbs jolt. In the event that your plants get morning sun cool piece of the day. At that point, full shade after lunch shade will shield the bulbs from getting sweltering in the sun. Regardless of whether the temperature is under 80 so they don’t jolt. Outside temperature can be 70 onions in full sun can be 90 degrees. I have my onion and garlic beds under a tree on the east side. So they get morning sun and shade after lunch. The following spring soon as mud evaporates and the climate gets warm I will expel onion bulbs from the cooler and plant them.

I have wooden casings they look like raised beds this does is keep the dirt level 4″ higher than the nursery. When spring downpours come and nursery is submerged for 3 months. The onions will be up sufficiently high to not be in the marsh. On the off chance that the wooden edges hold water like a bath, they should be expelled to deplete the water.

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