Mandarin orange

Growing mandarin orange in Autumn?

When I lived in Arizona citrus trees were easy to grow. Mandarin orange is the best, sweet, good flavor, trees are not very large but large enough to give you 2 or 3 bushel baskets of oranges every year. Nice thing about citrus trees you do not have to pick the fruit just leave it on the tree until your ready to eat it. 

I had a Mandarin orange tree in my yard, my aunt had 2 orange trees, my other aunt has a lemon tree and 3 orange trees, my parents had a grapefruit tree and 1 orange tree. The fruit is ready to harvest about December. We ate the fruit from the trees and still had good fruit on the trees 9 & 10 months later. The fruit did not spoil as long as it stayed on the tree. The best time to plant all trees is in fall when the weather is colder.

Now is the best time to plant a tree. Arizona has about 3 weeks of cold weather in the 20s at night then 65 to 70 degrees during the day, it is rear to see a cloud in big sky country. It was 21 degrees 3 nights in a row and 23, 25, 27, 28 several times for a month. Frost every night for a month was no problem for the citrus tree. 

It snowed 4 years ago in the Phoenix area it lasted about 1 hour then it was gone. Trees can handle a little bit of cold weather. I’m not sure how much cold it takes to kill a citrus tree. Palm trees in my AZ yard suffered more than the citrus trees. Palm trees lost all there leaves and looked dead but leaves grew back several months later. AZ has very sandy soil food value for plants is very close to zero 8-8-8 fertilizer worked good on the citrus trees.

Your geographical location and weather will determine if you can grow a citrus tree. I know some people in TN that have a citrus tree in a very large container that they built. They built a 4’x4′ wooden frame box with a dozen caster wheels on the bottom and a box of soil on top. Their Mandarin Orange tree stays outside, spring, summer, fall when the weather gets below 30 at night. They push the tree into the garage at night then bring it out in the day.

Grow your mandarin orange garden with 5 tips

I could plant a Mandarin Orange tree in my TN yard but I’m not sure how it would do with 3 months of mid-20s weather Mandarin Orange trees do good in a few weeks of mid-20s in AZ. A portable heated greenhouse might be needed. For a few months to keep a Mandarin Orange tree alive in my yard.

You need to pick all the fruit from the tree if you want new fruit to grow. I’m not sure when all the fruit needs to be picked. I usually, had all the fruit gone by August or sooner. Mandarin Orange is another name for Tangerine.

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