Succession planting strategies from garden

All gardening is local, Vanisle_BC. You will have to try different ideas and see what happens.

I do the spring interplanting but not as much since the tractor guy has become somewhat of an adversary in leaving beds more intact and not requiring so much work from me to gather soil in those beds with paths between.

Later sowings: Bush beans are an easy choice in my garden if I can get them in anytime before late June. Even with a lingering spring, lots of salad veggies can be out of the way by then. I don’t usually use the cut-and-come-again method for lettuce. Older plants don’t do well once real hot, dry July weather arrives. However, there may be a number of times the lettuce plants have been set out, including fairly late spring. They are nearly all harvested by taking out the plant. That is an easy location for beans. Beans also follow the peas vines.

Peas can make a return to the garden in late July, although the seedlings won’t really like the conditions until late August when a cool down in the weather usually occurs (not this year!). They can follow the potatoes and I only grow early varieties of potatoes. Consistent winners on the potato ground are Asian greens. That seed can go in until about August 10th. Once again, little growth occurs until there is some cooler weather but both the pea seed and Asian greens germinate well and get a start.

Back at the first of July, zucchini, and cucumber plants were set out between the early cabbage and broccoli. Usually, there isn’t a reason to keep the broccoli after the secondary buds have been harvested and those develop soon after the central head is harvested. Early cabbage is early. In the few weeks that they are together, the brassica plants shade the summer squash and cukes. The spring squash plants may have mildew and they and the cukes are beginning to play out by September. Those cucumbers and squash plants started July 1 are just now beginning to produce!

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