Suggestions for some new veggies try to Grow like kohlrabi, celeriac, and cantaloupe

I grow kohlrabi, celeriac, and cantaloupe.

The Goddess cantaloupe from the University of New Hampshire has done well in my garden for 2 years running. I’m on a roll 

.Cantaloupe was important in my mother’s garden in southern Oregon. I can remember one year when that was all that she bothered to grow. Ha!

Celeriac is a group of celery varieties that develop bulbs. Celery is grown near the coast, in Central California where I lived as a young child. I felt that celeriac would be easier for me to grow than celery. It does fine but requires the entire season to reach a good size. Starchy with a celery flavor, so if you like potatoes and celery together, you will like celeriac either by itself or with other vegetables. Unlike potatoes, it can be grated and eaten raw but I just use it roasted, in stews and soups, or as an ingredient in mashed potatoes.

Kohlrabi, Apple Star has described well. I have never tried it cooked. It’s good grated or sliced in a fresh salad.

I don’t know how any of these would do in Hawaii but imagine that a melon, just about any melon, would be fine. I have grown a short season of Asian melon. It wasn’t as good as Mom’s cantaloupes 

. So, I continued trying for a good variety. Galia melons have done just fine in my garden for about 10 years 

.They were first grown in Israel. However, they are more like a Honeydew than a cantaloupe. I bet my garden would be melon-centric if I lived where it would be possible to grow many types over a long season.

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