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Urban Gardening – The Garden Begins!!

June is finally here, let’s take a look a tour permaculture space! let’s dig into this garden update. June has arrived, and our urban gardening is in full swing. Out front, the blueberries have already set a bumper crop, which is really great to see. We will end up freezing most of these. As we like to be able to have organic blueberries in the middle of winter with our pancakes, muffins. And whatever else the family feels like cooking. The lavender is almost finished blooming already and on the left. You can see just how large the blueberry bushes have gotten this year.

Our elderberry tree on the right is now Just as tall as the bus, and we did some trimming to the lower branches in the huge maple that is in the middle of our front yard. Moving around the bus into the front yard, and a lot has changed out here. We completely removed the bush that was by the front door and put up the hanging the papas a chair. That we built a little while ago instead. The yarrow is going nuts, the new willow is looking pretty good and we moved our monster fennel from the raised bed in the back yard to where the aphid bush used to be. Looking out this way, and you can get an idea of how big the elderberry tree has gotten.

You can see the row of blueberries with all of the fruit, and then swinging over a little further you can see the pawpaw trees that we planted two years ago. These are incredibly slow-growing, but they keep coming back each year, though it looks like the bugs are really getting to them. The rhododendrons have finished flowering already, and the clematis and passionflower are getting pretty huge. We rebuilt this front area as well with the ferns in it and they are all thriving. As I was getting ready to walk away, a couple of our cats came up looking to get a pet, and who am I to say no.

This is the front bed on the other side of the driveway, and we rebuilt this area as well. Lots of new soil went in, lots of flowers moved in and a lot of it is blooming right now with more on the way. Here is what it looks like from the backside, and from over here you get a look at the enormous rhubarb that has taken over that bed. It has already been partially harvested to make a strawberry rhubarb pie, and it still looks like this. Heading into the back yard, and you can see the pile of firewood that I need to get cut into rounds.

Urban Gardening– How can we start the garden at the beginning?

You would not believe how many folks told me that it would never last the way I built it. But here we are several years later and it is still rock solid. Walking through the gate and you can see our kayak storage with all of the bicycles below it. Over on the right side, you can see our two compost bins. And then we get into the medicinal side of the yard. These ladies just came out of the grow tent couple of days ago, and they are doing great so far.

As much as we love indoor, you just can’t compete with the power of the sun, even here in Oregon. Stepping over onto the back porch, and a lot has changed here as well. The wisteria is moved out to get more sun, and several of the containers have been moved up onto the gravel. We are getting ready to move the worm bins out front. And oh hey, look at that, our ducks are making an appearance! They always hang out in a group and are almost feathered out. The raspberries have gone nuts already, I really need to get in there and thin them out some.

Urban Gardening

Then again, when we finish protecting the raised beds and let the chickens back out of the run. They will likely do it for me. Looking around the rest of the back yard, and you can see that. We are nearly finished protecting the raised beds from the chickens. Our milkweed is looking fantastic, and the cage that protects it from the chickens also keeps it upright. Which it really needs in this shady spot. The carrots are looking fantastic, and you can see the soaker hose system that we have run in this bed. The strawberry bed is completely filled out and is looking fantastic. All of our tomatoes are pretty small, and the cucumbers and loofahs are just now starting to sprout.

This whole area over by the chicken run is under construction. The stone wall raised bed is new and the pond will be getting rebuilt at some point. Over on the right, you can see the bees, and they are looking fantastic. Tons of pollen is coming in right now, and they are building up fast. Overall, we are thrilled with how urban gardening shaping up this year. There have been some big changes already, and there are more on the way. How are your urban gardens looking this year? Hopefully digging into this urban gardening walk through with us, will help you dig into your garden.

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